Fountain feature – Azulejos tiles

As usual, the fountain project has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. Just when I think I have my mojo back things stall yet again.

Nevertheless, I have some progress pics 🙂

These gorgeous azulejos hand-painted tiles were sourced at auction from Aeria country floors.

The tiles will eventually go below the waterline. As they will be permanently immersed, the waterproofing needs to be finished before any further tiling can be done.

First waterproofing coat – a sludge of cement, sand and bonding agent (prep coat & additive). The water reservoir will soon be coated with several layers of liquid membrane that will be watertight, flexible, and with good crack bridging properties.


Crazy tiles?

I went out on a limb and purchased these Andy Warhol inspired tiles by UonUon for an amazing price at auction. To be fair they weren’t represented very well and I think the design and bold colours scared away potential buyers. I did a little research and was surprised I actually liked this funky, colourful design. What do you think?

Im either ending up with an awesome laundry or an extreme eyesore, but where’s the fun in being safe 🙂




Art deco doors

I am thrilled to have finally found a reasonably priced pair of doors with the leadlight still intact.

Sooooo, next project will involve restoring this gorgeous pair of art deco doors. They will be utilised as part of the kitchen extension – new walk-in pantry. Can’t wait for the extra storage 😉


Now you may think this is a weird choice for a pantry, but have a look at some of these amazing and unique ideas:

Deck bench with storage

How wonderfully awesome are these benches! Mega inspired 😉

Love, love, love the cushions!

Wonderful storage

More storage!

Bench seating can frame a courtyard and provide an intimate atmosphere

While we are months and months away from touching the backyard I can’t help but dream a little about the layout. I am hoping to achieve something similar in future…just need to find some plans for the construction of storage boxes! Wish me luck 😉

Landscaping with hue’s of green and blue

My favourite colours are blue and green. If you asked me  to narrow that down a bit more then I’d have to say lime and turquoise. I have been looking at ways to incorporate this into our backyard. Here are some ideas I found 🙂

Love the colour combo

A splash of turquoise

Pop of lime

Below are the some of the colours that will be incorporated into our backyard. I am planning on using the lime green – a Wattyl colour called Cactus Jam – on the Scyon Linea siding that will go over the bedroom section of the addition.

Colour samples

Fountain Feature – First post!

Well…this little project has been going for a looooong time. Here are some of the progress pics:

Richie installing the screen

Partially complete screen

Oiled Northern Box

Flexible membrane & waterproofing (tanking)


Unfortunately the final coat of render – Acratex – will be applied after our earthworks/extension. So that has to be put on hold for a little bit 😦 I am hoping to have this complete by Christmas 2012 though!

Now for the pièce de résistance – I finally started tiling the border trim for the fountain splash back. Woohoo 😉 Here’s a little happy snap!

Travertine border tile

Tomorrow I get to peel away the yucky black tape and reveal the top row in all its glory hehe 😉

Full steam ahead

After four years of thinking about it and changing our minds 1000 times, we have finally settled and made a decision. The plans are approved and we are officially ready to go. 

So what does this entail? Well, it means we spent a gloriously sunny day destroying the back verandah. I can’t say I was sad to see the horrendous structure finally go. In terms of usable living space, it didn’t really do much. It did however provide nice shelter for our pups and those long treks to the external laundry!

Now that its gone the backyard look’s spacious and we have more light entering the house. So that’s a big YAY!  Will see how I feel about it next time it rains though :-/

Back verandah

Lonely slab

Richie doing the ‘hamma haka’

Back of the house – archi plan

The proposed addition