Full steam ahead

After four years of thinking about it and changing our minds 1000 times, we have finally settled and made a decision. The plans are approved and we are officially ready to go. 

So what does this entail? Well, it means we spent a gloriously sunny day destroying the back verandah. I can’t say I was sad to see the horrendous structure finally go. In terms of usable living space, it didn’t really do much. It did however provide nice shelter for our pups and those long treks to the external laundry!

Now that its gone the backyard look’s spacious and we have more light entering the house. So that’s a big YAY!  Will see how I feel about it next time it rains though :-/

Back verandah

Lonely slab

Richie doing the ‘hamma haka’

Back of the house – archi plan

The proposed addition