Crazy tiles?

I went out on a limb and purchased these Andy Warhol inspired tiles by UonUon for an amazing price at auction. To be fair they weren’t represented very well and I think the design and bold colours scared away potential buyers. I did a little research and was surprised I actually liked this funky, colourful design. What do you think?

Im either ending up with an awesome laundry or an extreme eyesore, but where’s the fun in being safe 🙂





Art deco doors

I am thrilled to have finally found a reasonably priced pair of doors with the leadlight still intact.

Sooooo, next project will involve restoring this gorgeous pair of art deco doors. They will be utilised as part of the kitchen extension – new walk-in pantry. Can’t wait for the extra storage 😉


Now you may think this is a weird choice for a pantry, but have a look at some of these amazing and unique ideas: